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Rohingya Crisis


In October 2017, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya ethnic people in Myanmar reached the Bangladesh’s border town of Cox’s Bazar. Hundreads of thousands more would continue to stream across the border in following months until the next year. Women, children and elderly population escaped what the United Nations Human Right Office termed as “text-book genocide”, the atrocity alleged to have been carried out by the military regime of Myanmar…Read more


Earth International Foundation

is a registered Non-Governmental Organization funded by private donors like you. We do not affiliate, support, or align with any political and/or religious group. Therefore, we do not market our funding campaigns to the public sector. Your donations go directly to the cause with the following objectives:


1. Provide emergency humanitarian aid to people affected by disasters manmade and natural;
2. Design and implement a sustainable livelihood development program with education seen as the key to sustainability;
3. Assess needs and assist target groups using a holistic approach that values community participation;
4. Lead innovative advocacy campaigns through collaborations between local NGOs and private donors, ensuring resource management and humanitarian leadership respond to the at-risk community and its most vulnerable with priority.