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The Journey of Urban Refugees in Bangkok

Ane Mei (not real name) walked thousands of kilometers from the mountains in Vietnam to Thailand as her land was forfeited by her Government. In search of a new shelter for her family, she found a temporary refuge in Bangkok.

Like many other migrants here, Ane Mei’s  status in Thailand creates complex challenges in day-to-day living. Livelihood prospect through regular channel doesn’t give her and her family much a promising hope. Ane Mei had to re-imagine herself in order to survive with dignity, this is easier said than done.

However, throughout the three-year period, how she has realigned innovative self-development has enabled her to find a solution to sustain basic needs for her family–more importantly, the formal education of her children be preserved as a fundamental human right.

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Rohingya Crisis by Bert Lee 
Situation overview: an interview with the United Nations Migration Agency Representative, Bangladesh

Innovative Humanitarian Solution, Weaving Future Livelihood, Urban Refugees, Livelihood Innovation, Rohingya refugees, Cox's BazarIn October 2017, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya ethnic people in Myanmar reached the Bangladesh’s border town of Cox’s Bazar. Hundreds of thousands more would continue to stream across the border in following months until the next year. Read more

Crossing the Mediterranean by Felix Kleymann
Winner of 2019 STERN Grant Photography Award

Innovative Humanitarian Solution, Weaving Future Livelihood, Urban Refugees, Livelihood Innovation, Syrian Refugees Smuggled by Dinghy from Turkey to EuropeIn his project, “Escaping Death: Syrian Refugees,” German photographer Felix Kleymann documented the current refugee crisis, having posed as a refugee himself in order to be smuggled to Europe in a rubber dinghy.  Read more


Earth International Foundation

While innovative humanitarian solutions for sustainable outcomes require participation across various societal sectors, Earth International Foundation is not an affiliate of, does not support or align with any political and religious group. We are independently funded by our own collaborative livelihood program development. Community involvements enable our activities to meet the following objectives:

Our Mission

Leading innovative ‘change’, fostering shared benefits and human development

1. Innovative Livelihood Development

Design and implement Innovative Livelihood Program collaborated by marginalized diasporas (or needy groups) and their host communities;

2. Shared Enterprise

Raise public awareness on the betterment of economic and social cooperations between the communities and their marginalized counterparts;

3. Human Development

Lead capacity-building leveraging  “Human Capital” as key strategic resource for the sustainability of the livelihood program.

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Have Your Say

Innovative Social Change
Fostering Refugee Livelihood Empowering Host Community
Gym Owners "Olimpiyat Spor" from left: Mustafa küçükkaya ; Ömer Dicle
  • In this edition of Have Your Say, the first of a three-part series on ``Fostering Refugee Livelihood by Empowering Host Community``, we met with the business owners of Olimpiyat Spor Gym, who have offered a life-time gym membership to a young Syrian refugee, Mohammed.
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