Earth International Foundation (EIF) was founded in late 2016 to alleviate hardships facing people affected by natural or manmade disasters. Our founder, Bancha Bert Leelaguagoon, is a former international humanitarian coordinator with decades of service in education, disaster management, and security risk management.

His experience with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), World Education, and the United Nations (UN) led him to the understanding that to sustainably restore livelihood to a community at risk, both emergency assistance and livelihood development have to be implemented in tandem, building both education and a sense of trust into the process.

In 2015, Bert joined the UN’s cross-border mission in Gaziantep— a Turkish city approximately 120 kilometers north of Aleppo. While there, he recognized that “remote-management” in aid delivery was practiced by nearly all agencies as an operational method to minimize security risks.

Training the UN edit

In essence this methodology has a local third party overseeing aid delivery to an at-risk area, while the organization itself remains in a safe haven. Though this may lower the risk of becoming a target, it only partially resolves the emergency needs of the community, forsaking the long-term objective of sustainable livelihood development.

Syria is in the 7th year of crisis. The latest fragile peace agreement has shown little sign of diminishing the need for sustainable solutions, and a generation loss is imminent. Therefore, humanitarian operations need to reimagine themselves to resolve the tension between security management and program delivery by cultivating community trust in their programs.

To this end, Earth International Foundation partners with Syrian NGOs whose operations dovetail with these objectives.

Only if trust is successfully cultivated, can a program development achieve long-term and sustainable outcomes. In an environment where uncertainty of war often pervades people’s daily life, trust cultivation is ever a challenging process, nevertheless a necessary value needed for rebuilding a future. Earth International Foundation has positioned itself to echo such hope–that the world can see the suffering they are going through, and want to help. But we need you to help us raise this awareness.

Earth International Foundation is a registered Non-Governmental Organization funded by private donors like you. We do not affiliate, support, or align with any political and/or religious group. Therefore, we do not market our funding campaigns to the public sector. Your donations go directly to the cause with the following objectives:

Your donations go directly to the cause with the following objectives:

  1. Provide emergency humanitarian aid to people affected by disasters manmade and natural;
  2. Design and implement a sustainable livelihood development program with education seen as the key to sustainability;
  3. Assess needs and assist target groups using a holistic approach that values community participation;
  4. Lead innovative advocacy campaigns through collaborations between local NGOs and private donors, ensuring resource management and humanitarian leadership respond to the at-risk community and its most vulnerable with priority.

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