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1. Applicability Governed by the Policy 

1.1 Our Mission:
               Earth International Foundation (EIF) and Earth International Consulting Partnership Ltd (EICP)  are organizations legally registered in Thailand. A branch office, registered  under the name of  Earth International Foundation/USA (EIF/USA), is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
               EIF has a mission to develop innovative and sustainable humanitarian solutions for the  communities and/or organizations serving the communities in needs. In alignment with  EIF’s  mission, EICP provides supports of management and leadership for EIF. EICP ensures the  resources in human capitals and financial utilization used by EIF are processed  cost  effectively  and with due diligence.  Therefore, the applicability governed by this policy is written with the relevance as follows:
  1.2 The privacy policy, stated henceforth, wherein any clauses in the policy that refer to the terms “We”, “Us”, “Our” and “Ours”, is applicable to all organizations (EIF, EICP Ltd, and EIF/USA) as aforementioned.
  1.3 Our services and products offered in the website are in part as a result of inputs provided by the visitors our website. The information gathered from them is used to ensure the  quality of  the products/services is met as expected. We are committed to protect the privacy of visitors’  information, and that we do not sell this information to third parties  other than the use of  analytical aggregation of our visitors’ needs. The process in which the visitors’ information is   collected is detailed as follows:

2. Collection of Users’ Information

     2.1 IP Address
In order to analyze the geography of our website visitors, their IP addresses are collected and stored on our servers anonymously (or in the servers that we use the technology to process the information). These IP Addresses reflect the countries where the users are logged on to access the website. Information regarding the IP addresses also includes: web-browser types, dates and times visitors access our website, the pages and posts on the website visited by them, as well as visits’ search engines and keyword(s) used to access the website.
     2.2 Cookies
The snippets, that are installed in the website to perform automations and features work, allows us to track the activity of our subscribed contacts. These snippets work through the use of cookies or similar technologies. The JavaScript snippet will allow cookies, pixels, and other technologies set by our website to access to marketing automations, features, and functionality performed by our organization.
     2.3 Protection of User’s Information
The information collected from the visitors who opt to subscribe to our web services (and/or continue to browse the website, will be used strictly within the scope of services provided by our organization, and will never be sold to other companies. (We may employ third parties or use third-party software(s)/application(s), or both, to perform data analysis as mentioned in 2.2. In which case, we shall make it explicit that the third parties will not sell the data collected from our visitors, or use it for other purposes other than the analytical performance of tasks as mentioned in 2.1, and 2.2
However, we cannot be liable in the case that visitors’ web-browser(s) be tracked by other web-services they have visited or will visit. Visitors can disable the feature to store snippets and cookies from the setting of their browsers each time they visit our website, or other sites. We shall not be held accountable for any unexpected disruption of services or the occurrences done by other web services initiated by the visitors other than the services we offer as stated in this policy
     2.4 Automation of Services
The specific cookies or other technologies that will be set on our website will depend on the particular automations and features within the scope of our services, i.e. automatic emailing system to make offers to our visitors or subscribers according to the assessment of the visitors’ needs. Visitors and subscribers are provided with an option to turn off this automation services by unsubscribing to our emailing list.
     Automations and features are enabled by the JavaScript snippet:
  • Product Retargeting Emails (the JavaScript snippet: This cookie tracks attribution rates and browser activity, allowing us to receive reporting on the success of our product retargeting emails.
  • Google Remarketing Ads: When and if we place our advertising with Google, the JavaScript snippet will install a Google tracking pixel on our website and will allow us to deploy a cookie that recognizes visitors to our site from the remarketing ads that we place.
  • Facebook Remarketing Ads: When and if we place our advertising with Facebook, the JavaScript snippet will install a Facebook pixel on our website. These technologies facilitate remarketing ad placement and reporting on the performance of our promotion campaign with Facebook and Instagram.Forms / Popup Forms: The JavaScript snippet that allows our website to deploy a cookie that recognizes whether a visitor to our website has previously viewed the popup form, and ensures the same visitor does not see the form again for a period of up to one year.
  • Forms embed the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) in the template.
  • Forms generated on our website will, by default, assign every user a UUID (Universally Unique Identifier). The UUID is a random number that does not contain any user information, and The technology uses UUID to store cookie on the user’s browser.
         The UUID cookie is required for us to detect information submitted by the users as follows:
a. Related Entries (these are displayed on our entry system, and link to other entries submitted by the same user);
b. The geolocation of the users;
c. Form abandonment by the users.
(Before collecting or storing user data under GDPR, we request the explicit consent and explain why we need this information in plain language. When our visitors click “submit” or check “consent” on the forms, the visitors agree to the terms of UUID cookie as described above. Visitors and subscribers using the forms generated by our website agree to the terms and conditions under the use of collecting IP Addresses and embedding Cookies as described above.)

3. Visitors’ Consent to the Use of Website Technologies

Visitors have an option to consent to a permission (if they are decided to subscribe to our website services or continue to browse the site) allowing us to use their contact information to track activity via cookies, pixels, and other similar technologies, and to transfer the information related to this tracking to ad-agencies contracted by us for the above purposes.

4. Refusal of Web-Browsing Services

We may refuse or discontinue our services to any visitors anytime, or make changes to this policy without notice. If we make changes to this policy, we may announce to our subscribers. Visitors without subscription services are encouraged to visit this page regularly to see the changes that we may make.
***Earth International Foundation and Earth International Consulting Partnership Ltd are solely responsible for the services offered by Earth International Foundation and Earth International Consulting Ltd. We shall not be held liable for services or disruption of services caused to our visitors and subscribers by any entities beyond the scope of services as described above. ***

5. Google Analytics and Remarketing Cookie

On October 8, 2019, the website has initiated the google analytic plugin in order to monitor website traffic and allow Google to match audiences for remarketing purpose. The remarketing cookie used by Google prevents the website to resemble the identities of the audience. However, visitors can opt out from being tracked by Google by choosing “functional cookie only” on the bottom of the screen. Please note that by opting to use functional cookie, visitors will be prevented from accessing services requiring all cookies option such as Facebook Share and Like and Video Services such as YouTube or Vimeo, etc. Visitors can also adjust their browser to limit tracking cookie or clear their website history. Please keep in mind that by clearing website history on the browser will re-initiate cookie options the next time visitors visit the website. More details opting out the Google Analytics and Remarketing Cookie can be found at the link here:     

Copyrighted Content

By browsing our website, visitors and subscribers agree to the terms on protection of copyrighted contents in the website. Any photographs, written material, video, and sound clips, as well as coding, published by Earth International Foundation belong to Earth International Foundation, and shall not be copied or re-used without Earth International Foundation's consent.

Visitors and subscribers may make reference to the protected content citing the author and the source. They may share the protected content by inserting URL page or post. Sharing the page or post by clicking on social media icon is permitted.

Copy and/or paste from without referencing the author and source are not permitted.

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