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Terms of Agreement

RAW Thailand | Language and Cross-Cultural Intelligence Course

The terms of agreement are applicable to the purchase of the course “RAW Thailand | Study Thai Language and Cross-Cultural Intelligence“. The terms “participant(s)” and “learner(s)” are used interchangeably.

Earth International Consulting Limited Partnership (EICP) is the organization who manages logistics and the promotion for the program. The receipt of payment for the course will be issued by EICP.

Earth International Foundation (EIF) is the organization who provides the training and delivery of all training activities.  RAW Thailand trainers and all learning provision will be under the leadership of EIF.

Both organizations work under the same management umbrella of “RAW Thailand Program”.

By registering and purchasing this course, the participant agrees to the terms and conditions of the RAW Thailand Program as follows:


1. The purchase of the course is not transferable. The name indicated on the registration form shall match that of the participant, who attends the classes and activities of RAW Thailand Program. In case the person who purchase the course is not the same as the participant in the course, the purchaser shall inform Earth International Foundation so;

2. The participant agrees to submit a copy of his/her valid passport for Earth International Foundation to be used for processing hotel accommodations during the course of study in Thailand. Hotel accommodations keep a copy of the passport to comply with local law;

3. The participant agrees to be responsible for his/her own health and accidental insurance coverage throughout the period of the course;

4. The participant agrees to stay only at the lodging and hotel accommodations prepared by Earth International Foundation for the course. A hotel room will accommodate two participants. Unless specified and agreed by the participant, Earth International Foundation shall pair same-gender participants in the same room;

5. The participant will only use the official vehicle provided by RAW Program during the field trip. In some case, if the use of other vehicle not provided by RAW Program must prevail, the participant will consult the Program Director before hand;

6. The participant shall attend the security briefing session on the first day of the course, and follow the recommendations as advised by security policy;

7. The participant agrees to attend all of the classes and course activities. In the case that the participant misses a class or an activity, the participant will contact the Program Director so that a make-up class or the activity can compensate the lapse as soon as possible;

8. The participant will abide by the Laws of the Royal Government of Thailand;

9. The participant understands that the curriculum designed for RAW Thailand uses “Experiential Learning” approach to teach Thai language and cross-cultural knowledge.

The method for teaching Thai is also referred to as “Silent Method“, in which the trainer limits the use of translation to very minimal, and devises “visual effect” to instill the meaning.

The methodology has proved to be highly effective as learners naturally absorb the meaning of the words and sentences without having to pay too much attention to memorizing them.

However, if the participant cannot meet learning objectives by this approach, a class will be rearranged for the participant with a different learning approach matching his/her learning style;

10. The course-outline has detailed schedule for each class and in each phase of the learning development. While the timeline for each learning-phase will likely to stay unchanged, the participant understand the shift in learning methodology could shift learning plan from the original. Nonetheless, RAW trainers shall ensure that the learner shall meet the learning objectives with minimal interruption as possible;

11. The participant understand that during the homestay living, living condition will be less than the regular standard. This may include different dietary standard from what the participant used to have. Therefore the participant should communicate the dietary requirement to RAW Program Director so that the Host Family shall be aware of the condition;

12. To protect the privacy of all participants, detailed location of the lodging and training facility will be emailed to each participant once the registration is done successfully;

13. The participant acknowledges that the charge paid for course fee will be processed in Thai currency (Thai Baht) as a default. Although for the convenience,  the equivalent value in other currency is made available for the estimation as performed at the time of viewing by openexchangerates.org. RAW program resumes no responsibility in the conversion;

14. The participant agrees to be responsible in ensuring that his/her travel document has a valid visa issued to him/her throughout the duration of the course of RAW Thailand study (Normally a 30-day visa would cover the duration of the course and time to travel in and out of Thailand).

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