Language & Cross-Cultural Learning

Language and Cross-Cultural Learning

Soft-Skill Competency Development for Effective Communication by Language and Cross-Cultural Learning

Language and Cross-Cultural Learning with RAW method | Study Thai | Experiential Learning | Cultural Web | Tacit knowledge in Language and Cross Culture

RAW Method

Language and Cross-Cultural Learning : Formal and Tacit Knowledge Integration

What is RAW ?

RAW (Rigorous Application in Cultural Web)  is a training method for Language and Cross-Cultural Learning. RAW is designed with an intention for international learners, whose objective is to gain in-depth working knowledge in a culture foreign to them. Culture and language intertwine, permeating every aspect of personal and organizational development. They influence how people may rationalize a particular thing or event, and respond to it in a manner different from one culture to another. Learning a language without the understanding of its culture (and vice versa) does not foster communication potential fully. But culture and language are multifaceted. The artificial layer in culture (Edgar Schein), that is visible to the naked eyes, could be the reflection of something entirely different from the idea people value. To a certain extent, if what people value is espoused by the idea that has been taken for granted over a long period of time, the interpretation of the visible part in culture could be so challenging that it would involve identifying the deeply held assumption embedded in the sub-conscience of the group in particular culture.

Language and Cross-Cultural Learning with RAW method | Study Thai | Experiential Learning | Cultural Web | Tacit knowledge in Language and Cross Culture

Edgar Schein likened the implicit property of culture to lotus roots beneath the pond.

How does RAW integrate language learning with cultural knowledge ?

RAW method merges language and cross-cultural learning into a manageable strategic training program, that fosters learners’ cognitive processing in real-time exercises . Thereby, it exposes learners to the implicit property residing within culture and language through real-world experience, (arguably) unteachable by formal learning alone. Without strategic focus as such, an effective language and cross-culture learning would be impossible to achieve in a limited time. By involving the learners to integrate ‘formal knowledge’ (in cultural and language context) obtained from the classroom, in conjunction with ‘tacit knowledge’ experienced firsthand as they interact with activities in the real-world, RAW effectively builds the soft-skill competency in cross-cultural intelligence and effective communication serving learners’ objectives either for personal or professional development.

Language and Cross-Cultural Learning

RAW (Rigorous Application in Cultural Web) method integrates experiential learning cycle into the training, thus fostering the attainment of tacit knowledge through real-time exercises.  

Tacit knowledge : Experience is unteachable 

In addition to the foreign language fluency — spoken and written structure — RAW learners have the opportunity to ‘homestay’ with a native host family in a traditional setting. RAW participants also engage in community development, during which time they peruse prior ‘formal knowledge’, and apply it in the real-world environment surrounded by unfamiliar language and culture. It is during this phase of the development that ‘Experiential Learning’ comes to full circle, availing the opportunity for learners to: observe work-life situations, re-process cultural assumptions learned from the classroom, test their Thai communicative and analytical applications, and review ‘change’ for further development.

Homestay and Community Development highlight RAW training. Learners attain tacit knowledge from interactive activities with the community.

Innovative learning

In RAW training, learners will never be left behind their peers. RAW coaches, whose extensive experience in language and cross-cultural learning and training with various organizations around the world, provide attentive guidance to ensure that learners from all backgrounds meet learning objectives with the most suitable learning style. With RAW’s actionable learning strategy, learners maintain their enthusiasm to acquire integrated tacit knowledge in relatively short time. Without the strategic focus of which, natural language and cross-cultural learning would be unnecessarily lengthy, and serves vague objectives. RAW learners appreciate the competency they discover from the unorthodox training program, serving their communication and cross-cultural development purpose with real value.

Language and Cross-Cultural Learning

International participants in RAW language and cross-cultural integration program enjoy learner-centered approach teasing out underlying assumption from real-life situation. 

RAW Thailand : 1-27 Dec 2019

Thai Language and Cross-Cultural Training

Language and Cross-Culture Learning

RAW® Thailand is now open for enrollments. Participants will arrive the training facility in Bangkok on 1 December, 2019. The training involves multi-staged learning in four training locations. Classes will be kept relatively small with limited number of seats available to enhance effective tacit learning. Early registration is advised.

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Registration is open now.

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