Learn Thai Language

RAW® Participants learn Thai Language the Silent Way to enhance their cognitive ability through sound and vision effects.
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Learn Thai Language

Learn Thai Language Silent Way and Effective Cross – Cultural Communication

  • Learn Thai language Silent Way.  Communicate cross-culturally & effectively with RAW® Thailand.

  • Learn Thai language with cultural intelligence integration.

  • Learn Thai the Silent Way to enhance cognitive capacity and  gain tacit knowledge in real-time with interactive activities.

  • Learn written & spoken Thai language with natural approach through the Silent Way using visual & sound effects.

  • Understand in-depth cultural intelligence in real-time & with strategic focus for future learning.

  • Be mentored by professional trainers who successfully helped countless Foreign Services in private and public sectors.

Meet RAW® Trainers

RAW® trainers come from various professional backgrounds


Learn Thai Language Silent Way

RAW® Thailand

Learn Thai Language

Thai Language Silent Way & Cross Cultural Intelligence in 4 Learning Modules

Module 1 | Bangkok Orientation (1-6 Dec 2019)

  • Participants arrive at Bangkok Christian Guest House on Silom Road on 1 Dec 2019.
  • They will learn Thai language structure starting on 2 December onwards (approximately 6 hours per day).
  • Training focuses on recognition of all Thai alphabets.
  • During Module 1, they will achieve the spelling of simple Thai words & structuring simple sentences.
  • Cultural-analytical sessions examine 3 cultural properties: artifact, espoused value and deeply-held assumption.
  • The appreciation on cultural theory will help the application process in module 2, 3 & 4.


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Module 2 | Urbanized Culture and Language| Kanchanaburi Province (7 - 14 December, 2019 )

  • The classes move to Mobile Training Facility in Kanchanaburi (160 kms. west of Bangkok).
  • Students continue to learn Thai language & cultural intelligence 6 hours per day.
  • Thai language lessons shift to include more complex structure with the use of connecting words.
  • Module-2 builds on the language and cultural foundation for the students to live & work with Thai host communities.
  • Excursion activities include the visit of the 18th century mock-up city & the Erawan Waterfalls.
  • Cultural Web Analysis: artifacts, espoused values, deeply-held assumption.

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Module 3 | Homestay & Rural Development (15 - 20 December, 2019 )

  • Students will start pivoting the knowledge to collaborate projects with local leaders.
  • Though they will continue with Thai language and cultural lessons with a focus on “work-related” topics.
  • They will spend half the day in community development, and return to Thai homestay the end of the day.
  • It is expected that the knowledge in Thai language and cultural intelligence combined will leap to a new level in this module.


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Module 4 |Personal Project Development (25 - 27 December, 2019 )

  • Module-4 focuses on Personal Project Development.
  • Trainers & Learners work together on one-on-one to achieve any informed personal objective.
  • Language & Cultural Lessons are tailored to the learners’ needs.
  • An appraisal will be performed in order to inform participants how they should continue with future learning.
  • By completing RAW® program, participants will be able to read, write and communicate cross-culturally in Thai language. They will have a deep appreciation on Thai cultural intelligence, and the awareness to interact mindfully.


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Study Thai Language and Cross-Cultural Intelligence RAW Method

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