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Study Thai and Cross-Cultural Intelligence RAW Method

Study Thai language the RAW method — integrating Thai language with cross-cultural experiential learning through interactive activities in homestay with Thai host family.

RAW Thailand — Study Thai Language and Cross-Culture Intelligence — will roll out the classes on 1-27 December 2019 in Thailand. Class size will be kept relatively small to enhance the effective learning. RAW learners will have trainers’ close attention in all learning activities. Early enrollment is advised.

RAW Thailand is a Thai language course, designed specifically for learners who wish to study written and spoken Thai with the integration of cross-cultural knowledge for personal or organizational development. No previous knowledge about Thai language or the culture is required.

RAW learners are required to stay on the training sites in all 4 phases throughout the course. Accommodations are provided. Learners will actively participate in all activities both in-class and during the homestay with Thai host families. By completing RAW-Thailand course, learners will achieve the language proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking Thai at the beginner to intermediate level — with an in-depth appreciation of  Thai cultural intelligence.

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Learning Objectives

RAW Language and Culture Learners Participate in Community Development

1) Develop written-and-spoken Thai language proficiency from basic to intermediate level.  

RAW method for studying Thai language uses “Experiential Learning Process” ( David A. Kolb ) with training techniques that recognizes learners’ cognitive mapping as a factor influencing their learning style. The method proves to be the most effective learning comparing to the memorising method. RAW also fosters future self-learning development. Learners will be able to read, write, speak and understand Thai language from beginner to intermediate proficiency level.


2) Attain to tacit-knowledge in Thai culture through interactive and experiential learning activities in homestay & community development.

Learners examine various cultural theories from classroom sessions, and find the narrative to identify Thai cultural artefact, social value, and the underlying assumptions from the interactions with people and activities in the real world. A discussion on cultural-web as an analytical tool entails in-class.

3) Integrate Thai language knowledge with the cultural tools, and pivot it to effective cross-cultural communication strategy.

Learners develop soft-skill competency in effective cross-cultural communication through the integration of language and cross-cultural theories. Participation in local community development gives the learners the opportunity to understand how to formulate a working strategy in the lens of language and culture. 

Still have questions about RAW Program, contact us here ▶ Still have questions about RAW Program, contact us here ▶

Curriculum & Schedule

Study Thai and Cross-Cultural Intelligence RAW Method

Phase 1 | Bangkok Orientation (1 - 6 December, 2019 )

RAW participants arrive at the provided lodging & training facility on 1 December 2019.

It is required that participants stay at the provided lodging facility which is the same location where training activities take place in Bangkok. The facility is located in Bangkok’s financial district on Silom Road — only a walking distance to the Metro Line. For the privacy of the participants, full details of the venue and the location will be provided upon successful registration.

During the Orientation, language lessons focus on building written & spoken proficiency in basic central Thai language. The lessons contextualize around the topic of  “Surviving  Thailand”. It covers the structuring of simple sentences by combining pronouns (subjective, objective and possessive) with verbs, and objects.

RAW approach concentrates heavily on Thai-alphabets drill to help the learners recognize the articulation (sound) and the spelling (visual). Trainers instill the meaning of each word by way of visual effect. Learners process the meaning of the words, and apply them to formulate spoken sentences. Conversational activity ensues as a result of this capability. The learners then re-read a series of Thai words they have combined with strings of Thai alphabets they were priorly introduced– this time with the appreciation of its meaning.

In addition to approximately 6 hours per day in language classes, participants attend cross-cultural sessions and mandatory security briefing.

Classes start daily at 8:00 AM and end at 5:00 PM. Except for the Thai National Holiday on 5 December, 2019, participants are encouraged to explore the city and do sightseeing. There are various attractions surrounding the training center that serves all learning purposes for every participant to find.

The training & lodging facility is located in a walking distance to the Skytrain and Subway Station. Participants can easily explore the city using public transportations. The location has an advantage for the participants to observe Bangkok vibrant Metropolis culture before transitioning into urbanised environment in Kanchanaburi the following week.

Participants will be housed in a double-occupancy hotel room.

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Phase 2 | Urbanized Culture and Language| Kanchanaburi Province (7 - 14 December, 2019 )

On the early morning of 7 December 2019, RAW-program official vehicles will take the participants from the facility in Bangkok to the mobile training facility in Kanchanaburi (approximately 150 kilometers west of Bangkok).

Thai language classes continue 6 hours per day, this time focusing on combining complex sentences using various connecting words. Lessons contextualises around work and social related issues. The learning during this phase builds on language foundation preparing the participants to live in the homestay and work in community development in the next phase.

While the lessons will continue to focus on official Thai language, Kanchanaburi people speak a unique Thai dialect. As such, tonal pronunciation in local dialect will be observed and clarified. But it will not be the focus of the Thai study for this program.

The training facility in Kanchanaburi is located in a Bed & Breakfast away from the center city. However, RAW participants will be housed (double-occupancy) in a hotel adjacent to the urbanized center of Kanchanaburi.

The location of the hotel is in a walking distance to various attractions such as the Bridge over the River Kwai and the War Museum. For the privacy of RAW learners, the detailed location will be disclosed upon successful enrollment. RAW’s official vehicle will transport the participants to the training center and back to the hotel everyday.

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Phase 3 | Homestay & Rural Development (15 - 20 December, 2019 )

After intensive 2-week Thai language lessons and cross-cultural training, participants have an opportunity to pivot their knowledge to interactive activities with local host families and the community they live with.

Although Thai language lessons are shortened to 3 hours daily focusing on the theme of “feeling” and “work-related” terms, participants will spend half of the day in community development with local leaders and under the guidance of RAW coaches. Participants return to homestay with their adopted Thai families at the end of the day.

Participants will also have a chance to work in team drafting a thank-you speech in Thai. The group representative will present it at the dinner party the night before departing the village.

Participants will move out of the homestay to a hotel accommodation on 20 December 2019, and continue with their classes until 25 December 2019. Through an one-on-one interview, participants and trainers will work together on a specific development subject serving learners’ best interest. The trainers will prepare language lessons tailored to the needs, and facilitate them during the wrap-up phase in Bangkok.

Participants stay with host families in modest and limited living condition. One participant will be hosted per host family. To ensure that the tacit knowledge learned during the homestay period reflects accurate learning as much as possible, no special amenities will be made available for the participants. Participants live a life just as their Thai family would. In some household, mosquito nest will be used if the screen is not available. Squat toilet with water to wash off is still a common practice in rural Thailand. A cultural session dealing with daily rural life will be discussed in advance before the homestay phase takes place.

Have questions about RAW Thailand, click here. Have questions about RAW Thailand, click here.

Phase 4 | Personal Project Development (25 - 27 December, 2019 )

During the wrap-up session in Bangkok, participants will focus on their personal development in language and culture. The trainers will use the same technique  for language training with lesson-plan contextualising on agreed subject.

Evaluation will take place on the last day to assess language and cultural competency. The evaluation informs the participants the progress level they have achieved. Recommendations for individual development will be provided. Participants also have an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback for each trainer and the program for future training development.

The participants will be staying at the same lodging / training facility they first arrive in Bangkok. Participants and staff members will check out of the facility on the morning of 28 December, 2019. They can leave their luggage at the reception should they have a late flight to catch.

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Training Facility in Bangkok

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