Thai Language Cultural Trainers

Thai Language Cultural Trainers

Thai Language Cultural Trainers working in RAW® Program come from various professional backgrounds. They have helped countless Foreign Services personnel in private and public sectors achieve the competency in Thai language and cross-cultural communication.

Thai Language Cultural Trainers help Foreign Services communicate effectively cross culturally. Thai language trainers use various methods to fit lerners

Ankana Kamchu

Thai Language Cultural Trainers

Lead Thai Language & Cross Cultural Trainer

Kob has worked as one of the Language and Cultural Trainers for over 3 decades. She started her career as a Thai Language and Cross Cultural Trainer in 1990 with the United States Peace Corps. Kob coached and mentored over a thousand Americans to be responsible volunteers in rural Thailand. 

Graduated with a Diploma in Teaching Thai as a Foreign Language, from Srinakharinwirot University (one of Thailand’s Top Ranking Universities in Education), Kob has developed a number of Thai Language Learning Curriculums undertaken by foreign students in Thailand and Overseas. Her subject-matter expertise includes: The Art of Thai Usage; General Principles for Teaching; Speech Improvement; and Critical Reading.

Krittametha Getglum

Thai Language Cultural Trainers

Thai Language & Cross Cultural Trainer

Krittametha graduated with a Postgraduate Degree in Teaching Techniques in Higher Education from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. He earned his Master’s in Intercultural Communication from  NIDA in Bangkok. Krittametha speaks French and English fluently as well as Thai as a native. 

Krittametha was a lecturer at various universities. His subject-matter expertise evolves around “Cultural Anthropology” and “Intercultural Communication”. He has also participated as a committee in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) activities. He was keynote speaker in the Symposium “Creating ASEAN Identity: Shadow Play of ASEAN”.

Bert Bancha Leelaguagoon

Thai Language Cultural Trainers

RAW® Thailand Course Director

Bert graduated with a Master’s in Leading Innovation and Change from York St John University, UK. He has facilitated over 200 trainings for the United Nations System (UNSMS) between 2008-2016. He was the first UN staff member who integrated cross-cultural intelligence into the mandatory security trainings for all UN staff members in Thailand, and in Turkish Southeastern Border.  Bert also provided cultural-integration inputs for the simulation trainings of trainers in the United Nations Office in Nairobi (UNON), Kenya. 

Bert designed a Thai-Study Course, using Silent Wayas a learning approach while working as Guest Lecturer at York University, Toronto, Canada. He co-authored a published cross-cultural CD-ROM in California titled  4 Paws of Crab in 1994.

RAW® program is a cross-cultural & language innovation — the education platform incubated over years of experiments that proves to be the most effective language & cultural learning approach. 

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Thai Language Trainers and Cultural Trainers help Foreign Services communicate effectively cross culturally. Thai language trainers use various methods to fit lerners.
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Thai Language Cultural Trainers

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Thai Language Cultural Trainers
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