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Volunteer with Earth International Foundation (EIF)

Earth International Foundation’s services are altruistic. Our mission raises awareness of humanist values to help less fortunate people affected by disaster.  We operate professionally and transparently, based on universal financial and humanitarian standards.

As a non-profit organization, our primary goal is to create value for the needy. However, that should not imply a lack of innovation that recognizes the importance of an organization’s financial viability. What we set out to achieve is assured long-term sustainability. Without healthy financial hopes, the progress of our mission would be threatened with future irrelevance. On the other hand, one-sided commercial interest would have us stray from our goal. There is a fine line between healthy resource management and creative humanitarian program outcomes, walking it is our organization’s formulation for success.

EIF seeks like-minded people who are inspired to change the world for the better. They should be creative and have the ability to transform the vision into meaningful innovation. EIF trusts that the first and foremost resource to shape a new reality for those still suffering is in human capital—the soft resources that mobilize hard resources for success. Our mission seeks optimistic individuals who believe they can catalyze ‘change’ in various capacities as follows:

Volunteer Earth International Foundation
  • Livelihood Development Liaison Officer in Istanbul and Gaziantep, Turkey

  • Writers who have a flare in human-interest theme particularly on the subject of ‘displaced population’ (to join our virtual editorial team)

  • Photographers with a peculiar interest for the same subject theme as above

If this message resonates with you, please write a short description about yourself and explain how you could be the person we are looking for. Send your message by clicking “CONTACT US” with the subject line “volunteer”.


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